2,000 Free Audio Books: The Meaning of Mariah Carey By Mariah Carey

Life is full of ups and downs, we get good experiences and then there are bad ones too which try to ruin the happiness of our life. Mariah Carey talks about such times in her life when she was down and out because the situation was not helping her at all. Then she emerged from that pit hole with the zeal that she had stored in her mind in abundance.

Carey narrates passionately too as she talks about her own experiences of life which are still fresh in her mind. One noteworthy thing is that the author never wrote all about her experiences when they were happening because she had nothing to show to the public. 

The outcome of her hard work was never there in her hands at that instant. Later after achieving whatever she desired from life and burying the failures forever, she paints those moments once again in an enjoyable tone. Surely she wouldn’t be that much charged and content when the failures were coming as hurdles in her life.

But after many years those troubles just look like steps to her which have led her to the position she once uses to dream of. Little child scared from the world does not exist in her anymore; she possesses the courage to tame the circumstances according to her desires now.

Nice book to listen to if a person is down and out in his or her luck and thinks of failure as something permanent in life. Self-realization is needed if a person wants to rise in life; this is the only way to kill fear inside you.  

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