4:50 from Paddington (Audiobook) A Miss Marple Mystery

4:50 from Paddington (Audiobook) A Miss Marple Mystery by Author Agatha Christie. This is a great story, and completely different from the usual detective stories, in which the detective takes the lead throughout the story.

In this book, Miss Marple is perplexed as to how a man whom a friend witnessed killing a woman on a train could dispose of the body in such a way that the police were unable to verify that the incident had occurred. murder even happened. She is determined to solve the mystery, but realizes she’s not up to the physical task her investigation requires.

Therefore, she enlisted the help of a smart, attractive and enterprising young woman as her agent. It is this character’s actions that we follow for most of the story, along with several other investigators that Miss Marple brings in. The adventures of her agents are fascinating to follow, but the way Miss Marple directs her actors is the real magic of the story.

The result was very entertaining and the narrator did a great job in bringing the written word to life. This book became an instant favorite and one that you will have to plan on listening to over and over again!

  • 4:50 from Paddington

  • A Miss Marple Mystery
  • By: Agatha Christie
  • Narrated by: Emilia Fox
  • Length: 8 hrs and 8 mins
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