A Crown of Swords (Full Audiobook) Book Seven of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

The fate of the world once again hangs in balance as the search for the bowl continues. The bowl is not an ordinary one as it possesses unspeakable powers that can change the climate and stop the heatwave in just a single click. 

Three new heroes emerge on the scene this time as we meet Elayne, Mat, and Aviendha who are in continuous search of the bowl and consider it their destiny. It has been a habit of Robert Jordon that he brings new characters whenever he feels bored from the previous one and gives those character such hype that even the reader forget the legends they once loved in the previous parts. 

The main evil this time is in the form of weather that with its heat is killing everything present on the face of the planet. A unique thing about the novel that separates it from the rest is the role of women. Jordon has added a group of women who are engaged in a superior task. Egwene is the acting head of the women group who is finding and collecting women with unique abilities. 

Some of the women present in the group are full of wisdom while others are wind finders. This elite women group gives a female domination touch to the series. Overall it’s a continuation of the previous part Lord of Chaos. The characters though new but the storyline is the same. Even it goes with the same two narrators Kate Reading and Michael Kramer but we find more of Kate this time because of the increase in the number of female characters in this part of the series.   

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