A Darkness More Than Night – Terry McCaleb Book 2

A Darkness More Than Night is the second novel in the Terry McCaleb series by author Michael Connelly. Terry McCaleb leads a quiet life on Catalina Island. When young criminal Edward Gunn is found dead, McCaleb is caught up in a complex and disturbing case that sends him out of the way of Harry Bosch. Can the notorious detective find the real culprit?

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: A Darkness More Than Night – Terry McCaleb Book 2 by Josh


If anyone had asked me if I thought that adding background music and background sounds to an audio book would make a better listening experience I might have said that it was worth a try. Now that I have tried to listen to this book I find it so distracting, and annoying that I can’t even finish this book. Wow! Please don’t do that again. I now know to avoid Booktrack Editions. I never noticed it before, or knew what it meant.

Review 2: A Darkness More Than Night – Terry McCaleb Book 2 by Amy E Pruitt

I will take Harry Bosch however I can have him….

I love Michael Connelly and his main character Harry Bosch–and Mickey Haller (who is not in this book). The new guy was not much to me, but the story was great and it was Harry Bosch. And it was a nice long listen. The plot is good and the development was solid. It was not an easy to figure out in the first 2 pages of the book.

Review 3: A Darkness More Than Night – Terry McCaleb Book 2 by ElleOregon

I hate the sound effects in this book

I generally have enjoyed listening to the Harry Bosch series this winter. I don’t mind changes in narrator but I highly object to complete changes in tone.

Call me Granny Crabby, but I can’t abide the pointless music, poor sound effects, background mumbles and clanking beer bottles that completely fill this particular book.

The previous 5 books had none of this garbage. All of a sudden there’s music that has no relationship to the scene, ruffling pages when someone is reading, water lapping on a boat and so on. It annoys me.

Other than those huge annoyances..really they can’t be ignored..the new narrator does a good job of portraying gruff Bosch and ancillary characters.

Connellys writing is tight, holds attention and the plot is a unique one in the series.

I sincerely hope the next book doesn’t have the background music but I’m hooked on the series with or without it.

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