A Finer End – Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels Book 7

A Finer End is the seventh novel in the Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels series by author Deborah Crombie. Two magical mysteries, one contemporary and one ancient, will challenge Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James like no other school has ever happened.
Glastonbury is a town revered as the burial place of the mythical King Arthur. Followers of the New Age, this is the source of the Druid’s mighty power. Something terrible had shattered the peace of Glastonbury Abbey. The present is preparing to spark a violence that will continue to the present.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This is a paranormal mystery from beginning to end of this good book. Mysteries have a lot to do with police procedures, books that start with a murder or fast-paced thriller.
Duncan Kincaid’s cousin Jack Montfort was thwarted by auto-written spells, from a medieval monk attached to the Priory at Glastonbury. He and some friends are working hard to uncover all that’s going on. When his girlfriend, the local vicar, is injured in a car crash and then another member of the group is found dead, Jack calls on Duncan to help him find the case. Gemma James is keeping a secret while she tries to help a pregnant young girl who is also involved in the Glastonbury mystery…

02- Gemma and Duncan go to Glastonbury to assist their cousin Jack, whose girlfriend was injured in a beating. They realize that there are many mysteries, including that Jack unconsciously wrote Latin according to the words of a long-dead monk. The history of Glastonbury and the mysterious Tor that springs up over the town provides the backdrop for a much-interesting tale. Readers give each character their own voice with engaging voices.

03- The Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James series offers a story worth hearing and characters you love to know and want to know better. A Finer End is a great place to start your deeper dive with this pair of detectives who are so real you want them to be friends.

04- Jack Montefort moved back to his childhood place, Glastonbury, when his wife died. After a while, he became close to the vicar Winnie. The story is as a dead monk from Glastobury’s past is trying to deliver an urgent message. Jack calls his cousin DS Kincaid about Winnie’s life being made and so the investigation into these strange things begins. A variety of supernaturals, dead monks, mysterious hymns, and angelic music float through the night. It helped me grasp all the way. Winne’s attack happens to be murder, and when Kincaid’s partner arrives, a full investigation is underway. A very imaginative story about the Holy Grail is not an object that something different wants to spread. You are swept up in the myths and legends associated with this special Avalon location.

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