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A Rising Thunder – Audiobook Online, Honor Harrington, Book 13 by Author David Weber.

I HATE the year-long wait for a sequelI have read all the books in the Honor Harrington series over and over again. Some better than others. At one point they seemed so long and happening that I decided to stop reading the series, but at some point I gave in and took the books I missed and started. again, and the series has really improved again. In the first books, the interesting actions are mainly performed by Honor. Now that she’s a bigwig, a lot of the better action scenes are done by other people. But the story is interesting and engaging. I received this book yesterday and have been listening to it almost non-stop. And as it neared the end, I felt like groaning. Two days of intensely immersed in the story and then 363 days of waiting for the next part. That is the extreme.

If you’ve never read any of Honor Harrington’s books, this isn’t the one to start with. The series should definitely be read in order. The first book is “On Basilisk Station.” If you are a fan of the Honor book, rejoice. Weber made another worthy entry in the series.

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