Absolution by Murder

Absolution by Murder is the first mystery novel in the Sister Fidelma series by author Peter Tremayne. In AD 664, King Oswy of Northumbria convened a council at Whitby to hear a debate between the Roman Catholic and Celtic churches.

The king will decide who will be given supremacy in his kingdom. Oswy’s decision was the survival of the two Churches in the Saxon kingdom.

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Review 1: Absolution by Murder audiobook by Yvette

Interesting new (for me) series & great narrator!

Finding Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma mysteries appearing in the New Releases list in a great big bunch over a period of only a few days, I was curious. So I looked Peter Tremayne up on StopYou’reKillingMe, found out which was the first book, and listened to a segment on Audible. I was pulled right in by the story, and by Caroline Lennon’s narration. The perfect match. Having listened to the first, and finding that Audible seems to have all of them, I’m a very happy camper! I think that this series of mysteries set in 7th century Europe (mostly Ireland???) would very likely appeal to Brother Cadfael fans and cozy mystery fans. I’m getting the next few books today!

Review 2: Absolution by Murder audiobook by BHL

It is all in the lips…pursed,compressed, bitten.

How do the characters in this medieval mystery express themselves? When they aren’t doing it with their violet and green eyes, it is more likely with their lips. I lost count of how many times and how many characters “bit his” or “bit her lips” but craved to hear more of his/her thoughts or fuller description of his/her appearance. First published over 20 years ago, the time has long passed that an editor should have helped shape the mostly wooden characters or wimpy plot into something fuller … but I was still seduced by the opportunity in fiction to learn something of this time period of history. Audible produced the recording presumably to fill a gap in the full, long series. This is the first that I “read” and I see that later books in the series get more positive reviews …. Maybe I’ll give it another try, but fellow readers beware …

Review 3: Absolution by Murder audiobook by Debbie

Murder among the Monks and Nuns

Interesting historical murder mystery set in AD 664 in Northumbria, a medieval kingdom, which in current day is northern England and the southeast part of Scotland . . . the book contains much about the fight in the Catholic church over doctrine and religious rituals during the time period . . . a battle for control between Rome and Ireland, more political than based on faith . . . which saddens me and I am sure many Christians that the teachings of Christ were and are used to personal and political gain . . . one must remember that in AD 664, Catholicism WAS the church, since the Protestant Reformation didn’t begin until around 1517 when Martin Luther published his ninety-five theses . . . I had the greatest respect and admiration of Sister Fidelma in the story . . . I think you will, too . . . she’s observant, out spoken, and honest . . . not to be outwitted, she is like a hound dog on the trail of his prey . . . yet she has a heart for the gospel . . . great conclusion . . .

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