All These Worlds (Full Audiobook) Book 3 By Dennis E. Taylor

All These Worlds marks the 3rd chapter of the Bobiverse novel series. It is masterfully written by Dennis E. Taylor, who after the phenomenal success of We Are Legion became a full time science fiction writer. Ray Porter, an award winning narrator has done the narration of this contemporary sci-fi novel. He is a gem when it comes to giving best narration for novels that requires a certain tone and accent. He makes everything look natural and very close to the core of the character that he plays. This definitely is a novel, which has the best writer-narrator pairing.

All These Worlds brings the Bobiverse series to an epic conclusion, which literally had a large number of listeners in awe of this book, especially the writer and narrator.

Being an emotional spaceship is no more a fun thing, but after scattering out in space for more than a century, Bob along with all his clones could not manage to stay far from trouble for long.

Enough colonies have been already created by them, so the humanity is in no danger of getting extinctive. But, it is usual for all the political disagreements to die hard and then there are all those Brazilian probes, who are looking to win the competition. Bob has actually picked up a fight against a much stronger specie, who is also known for short temper and huge appetite as well.

For We Are Many and We Are Legion (We Are Bob) are the other sensational novels by Dennis E. Taylor that created great vibes all across the writers and literary art fans fraternity. Definitely a must red or even better, must listen novels, especially if you are a fan of contemporary science fiction, which is given in an absolutely brilliant voice for narration.

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