Alumni – Artorian’s Archives Book 2

Alumni is the second science fiction book in the Artorian’s Archives series by authors Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout. An academy with a sky. Light fills the earth

Artorian decides to live, all to save the lost children in his village. His battle against a simple raider captain proved that he tried to rush forward…he would die.

With the help of his captors, Artorian took his first steps on the path of a true cultivator. Ingenuity, fine-tuned farming techniques and more are at his fingertips. Artorian is always willing to learn that is his specialty!

After meeting the arch-enemy of his trainers, Artorian returns to the place where he first studied his true philosophical passion: Skyspear. Under the new management and the alumni have different ideas on how to train students.

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