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Angels and Archangels is a good book by author Damien Echols. The book’s content is about Calling on the power of angels to shape your life and accelerate your spiritual practice.

Damien shares his unique understanding and experience of magical practices distilled into the crux of his wrongful death sentence. Here you will discover:

The Importance of Angels and Archangels in the Mystical Traditions of the World
Angels are associated with each element, the zodiac signs, the Tree of Life and every card in the tarot
How to call on angels for blessings, protection, supplications and more
Advanced angelic magic rituals, including the Rose Cross, Celestial Dragon Lotus, and Operation Shem
Guardian Angel – the key to going beyond ego-consciousness
As we work with the minds we call angels, we gradually align our will with the cosmic will, moving more in harmony with the origin of all creation and supporting the progress of all creation. spirituality of all mankind.

The ultimate goal of working with angels is to be who we are. That’s what humans really are – unconscious angels.

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