Angels Rising (Full Audibook) By Harriet Carlton

Angels Rising is the first of four books by Harriet Carlton. The author has provided everything clearly and mentally for the character because this is his first work as well as a new book.

The novel does not have a detailed start, the story only begins when Imorean Frayneson received a Gracepointe University scholarship in Norway when he was 17 years old. Surprisingly, instead of rejecting the offer, he accepted the application and attended this university.

The moment he and university go on a journey to the mysteries and to the depths of hell that he has never known.

The story is more and more attractive to listeners with compelling storytelling, the good thing is the story develops step by step, we are not afraid of ghosts too. Imorean has shown us that teachers and staff often give strange answers to simple questions.

Soon enough Imorean Frayneson found himself caught up in an evil plan, something that had been created years ago, all destroying his life, exposing the truth about who he was.

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