(Audiobook) For We Are Many Bobiverse, Book 2 – Best English Audiobook

This is a true science fiction with good plot development and lots of suspense from beginning to the end.

In most books with sequels, the second is usually not as intense as the first. But this second book in the Bobiverse Series is as entertaining, if not more entertaining, than the first.   Overall, this book is a masterpiece of science fiction.

The narrator Ray Porter has presented the character in an exquisite manner. He draws the attention of the listener with the prefect representation of the characters. His changing speech, tempo, and enactment for each character is spot on. It makes the audiobook quite engaging.

The novel is already an engaging one with the way Dennis Taylor tells the story. But Ray Porter gives a new dimension of the entire story with the way he narrated the characters.

If you’ve read any of Dennis Taylor’s books like All These Worlds, you will know that he knows really how to infuse suspense in his books. This one is no different. But the most intriguing thing is how he has managed to do that with a book that’s completely a science fiction tale. He handled the humanity aspect of Bob exceptionally well.

It is centered on Bob Johansson, who does not believe in life after death. However, he was shocked to wake up after he was killed by a car. More shocking is the fact that he is now the controlling intelligence and a sentient computer for a Von Neumann probe.

He realizes he can duplicate into many copies spread out in the world. With a system war threatening the existence of mankind, Bob realizes his inexplicable power will come in handy if humanity is to survive the war against a deadly radical group.

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