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Ender in Exile is the best-selling novel by author Orson Scott Card. At the end of Ender’s, Andrew Wiggin is informed that he must not live on Earth. Not only did he win the game, he was a hero, a saver of the World, a brilliant military genius.

He founded the Eros detachment, he left his homeland and began a long journey across the colonies. We invite you to watch the next development of this great book.


We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Ender in Exile Audiobook by Ben

Great book. I read the “mainline” Ender books, (“Ender’s Game, Speaker of the Dead, Genocide, Children of the Mind, and Xenocide) and loved them all. I read Ender’s Shadow and didn’t like that line as much, so didn’t follow that thread. Ender in Exile combines the two storylines, but is much more similar in style to the mainline. There were a few people and plot points that were confusing (almost certainly because they were from the “Shadow” story arc), but the story did a great job bridging the gap between Ender’s Game’s final chapter and the Epiloge, as well as between the Epiloge and Speaker.

As a side note, as a recently-returned veteran, there was a lot in this story that spoke to me personally. If you are looking for a gift for a recently-discharged veteran who likes to read (and most of us do, Combat Zones are filled with boredom), this is a great way to tell them “Welcome Home” and make them realize that they aren’t broken for feeling a combination of shame, pride, confusion, and chronic boredom now that they are civilians. I am not sure if OSC is a veteran, but he certainly encapsulated a feeling that is only a few years younger than war itself.

Review 2: Ender in Exile Audiobook by Thomas P. Olbrich

I read the Ender quartet straight though and then immediately picked up this book. I see all the 5 star reviews, but actually find this book to be slow, even boring, with a much less creative story line. Card seems to have written this book to appeal to a middle-school audience. It lacks the sophistication of Ender’s Game and Xenocide. A pleasant enough read, but nothing that really challenges the reader.

Review 3: Ender in Exile Audiobook by Geoff Atkins

I was expecting something much different than this. It is pretty much a hodge podge of different short stories and filled in blank spots in between. Also filling in history, mainly before/during the final chapter of Enders Game and spanning or summarizing the first few Shadow novels. BTW no mention that there are spoilers for the Shadow books I hadn’t read yet.

It also avoids much interaction between Ender and Valentine, when they do interact it’s pretty much pointless or cryptic bickering, Val is prying, annoying, self assured and a know it all about a brother she’s been separated from for 6-7 years… Ender is withdrawn and wants little to do with his sister who sacrificed her life on earth with her parents to be with him. He comes across ungrateful. Nothing like their relationship as portrayed in Enders Game when he takes leave Earthside and he and Val have a heart to heart on the lake…

Don’t get me started on Admiral Morgan, dorabella and Alessandra. Or the weird focus on females being sex objects and that their purpose is almost strictly for breeding and creating genetic diversity in the colonies. I know Alessandra wasn’t a battle school kid but she would have been a lot more interesting if she could think for herself… First her mother thinks for her then Ender thinks for her which helps he get liberated from her mother’s influence. The female characters don’t really do much or mean much in this story.

Also, it like after Enders Game and Soeaker for the Dead that OSC’s writing became just people arguing or talking about what they were doing, should do, or should have done different. There isn’t a lot of action moving the narrative forward, it’s all talk. And I like dialogue heavy stories!

Also I really can’t stand when authors or other storytellers go back to their masterpieces and tell us why it was wrong or why they should make narrative changing adjustments because they want to do something different now… have some consistency. Your masterpiece no longer belongs strictly to you but exists in the collective conscience, you can’t come back and break that otherwise the new stories feel like fictions within the master fiction. When characters don’t live up to a 25-30 year established understanding of that character, and act out of character it’s like they are someone else entirely.

Sometimes the conversations break into tangents of what feel like totally random philosophical questions/conundrums/statements that feel like the author is preaching to the audience through the characters.

On the verge of the 23rd century why is every culture as if they’ve been isolated from others and unchanged from the way they are today to the point that colonies are almost strictly based on ethnicity/race/or religion… especially when the whole earth was United for hundreds of years to fight the buggers. Also palygamy or multiple sex partners for the purpose of breeding and genetic diversity starting in teen years if “you are a young healthy female” is ok but there are no LGBTQ people? Or were the all isolated to their own planet. None of this adds up to me…

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