Audiobook Online 2021 – The Pearl By John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck was an exceptional novelist of yesteryears and widely regarded for his multiple comic novels that were written mainly in the 1930 and 1940s. The best novels from the author that has gained the status of English literary classics are Of Mice and Men and East of Eden. The subject novel, The Pearl is a fictional novel and classified as a classic for its relevance and fan following even today. It is a short novel lasting just over 150 minutes in audio format but comes with a very gripping tale.

Hector Elizondo is the narrator of this novel. He has got the perfect voice for playing the characters of this novel. The tonal quality was quite forceful and quick, which suited well for this kind of novel.

This short book illuminates a very deep understanding of humanity and love. The author tells an amazing Mexican folk tale here. It is a story of a great pearl and about how she was lost and how she got lost. For Kino, a diver, finding a pearl is all about vowing for a much better life for the penurious family. All the dreams blinded him to the extent of greed and suspicions highly that the pearl stimulates within him and along with his neighbors.   It wasn’t even possible for his loving wife to temper the excessive obsession that leads him towards the tragedy. Things get more intense from here onwards.

The tale in this novel is a bit sad and depressing, but you will love it for what it is. The novel is highly recommended for fictional lovers especially if they don’t mind going through a sad story.

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