Audiobook Online – A Taint in the Blood

A Taint in the Blood is the 14th mystery and thriller novel in the Kate Shugak Novels series by author Dana Stabenow.
These are the Alaskan mysteries in the Kate Shugak series.

Dana Stabenow’s strongest novel to date, Aleutian P.I. Kate Shugak is hired by Charlotte Mauravieff to clear her mother’s name.

Twenty years ago, her mother was convicted of setting fire to the family home and killing one of her two sons, both of whom were in the home at the time. The mother received a life sentence without protest, Charlotte has always believed in her innocence. As Kate begins her investigation, she soon discovers that the terminally ill mother isn’t the only one refusing to cooperate and confront her past. To uncover the truth, Kate must unearth 20 years of secrets, remorse, and murder in one of Alaska’s most powerful families.

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