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American War is a novel by author Omar El Akkad. The book is about the Second American Civil War, a devastating epidemic, and the family trapped in this story. America revolves around its own brutal campaigns and deadly weapons.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: American War A Novel audiobook by Daggie Oh

Hard dystopian literature, not Hunger Games

What made the experience of listening to American War the most enjoyable?

Complex characters and a well fleshed world. It is a very competent book about the past and present, but is set in the future.

What other book might you compare American War to and why?

Loosely, American War might be compared with What is the What, Zone One, and The Magicians, in that they brought literary conventions to genre’s/stories that are generally handled very differently. This book has more in common with dead southern authors and Toni Morrison than anything like The Hunger Games or Divergent.
If anyone remembers the previews for Donnie Darko, it was originally pitched as a slasher horror film. If you’ve seen it, it’s something very special and unique and certainly not horror. I think a similar miss-marketing could happen with this book if people flock to it for war scenes, or flashy sic-fi elements.

Which scene was your favorite?

Everything between the narrator as a child spending time with his aunt, after everything she has been through, was heart-breaking and warming. The cage match scene is also excellent.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Never Forget

Any additional comments?

This book is literature that will find cross-genre fans, but I hope it doesn’t get sold as action packed sic-fi. It’s a beautiful dark story about one girl who is raised to hate. It lets us in on how slippery that slope can be, and how we may not agree, but we can appreciate her journey.

Review 2: American War A Novel audiobook by odin

Best listen in years

This story breaks my rating scale — I’d have to go back and subtract stars from anything I’ve listened to in years to make the 5 stars I gave it here accurate. It’s an enthralling parable of recent history made all the more salient by placing what America does abroad, here at home.

Secondly, the reader’s performance was stellar — another curve buster who should have a special 10 star rating just like this book and its author deserves. I can’t praise the reader’s ability highly enough and I’ll certainly go looking for other books he has narrated. I would easily choose a book outside my usual genres based solely on his skill as a reader.

Review 3: American War A Novel audiobook by andrew

It’s no picnic – but nourishing all the same.

It’s hard to quantify all the reasons you should read this book. While it’s certainly not an uplifting tale as the title should suggest, it depicts war in a way most Americans don’t grasp, or like to think about. I’ve read a lot of war journals, and non fiction, and I think this rings true to a lot of what I’ve seen and read. War is a hate and carelessness made manifest, and we should read more from accounts of the losing side than the winning side. I think Akkad poignantly drives that point home with an inspired piece of fiction. I’d also say it’s not a perfectly crafted tale – but it definitely works. Some reviewer call it slow. I’d say it’s realistic? It’s a book about the victims of war, and the tone and pace reveal a sense of the expansive claustrophobia that long periods of internment and lack of self determination would entail. Impressive debut novel.

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