Audiobook Online – Broken People A Novel

Broken People guides us through the winds of time and memory to deliver a compelling portrait of transformation.
groundbreaking innovative debut novel about understanding the past and ourselves, for fans of Sally Rooney, Hanya Yanagihara and Garth Greenwell.

The story of a magician trotting across the globe who claims to perform “soul-opening surgery” on emotionally wounded people.
For the neurotic, depressed Sam, new to Los Angeles after his life in New York fell apart, the possibility of complete transformation was utterly tantalizing.
He’s yearning for something to believe in and the shaman – who promises ancient rituals, botanical medicine and encounters with the gods – seems convincing enough for Sam to sign up for the weekend below. his care.

During a ceremony, Sam learns that love, sex, and friendship are the pillars that shape life. But are the great spirits that the shaman says he is summoning real? Or are the ghosts of Sam’s memory stronger than any magic?

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