Audiobook Online – Death Around the Bend | A Lady Hardcastle Mystery Book 3 By T E Kinsey

Death Around the Ben is the third book in the author’s A Lady Hardcastle Mystery series. Lady Hardcastle and her maid Florence were invited to Lord Riddlethorpe’s country estate for a week of racing and partying. When drivers die in the first race, they must come out with the truth. This is a dangerous case..

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Review 1: Death Around the Bend audiobook by Brooke Castle

When will another one come out?! I can’t wait!

T E Kinsey has really got something great going on. I’m huge into my Agatha C, my Sir Arthur C, my Nero W…’s taken years of waiting, searching, waiting again to finally find a new author who writes interesting, fun, cozy, intriguing murder mysteries! Now I have found her and I wait on baited breath for the next one!!!! T E Kinsey cannot write fast enough to satisfy my desire to hear more of the adventures of Lady H and Flo!

Elizabeth Knowelden continues to surpass all expectations as a narrator. I prefer male narrators such as David Suchet or Hugh Fraser but Ms. Knowelden is superb ! I can’t imagine a Lady H book read aloud by anyone else!! She is the voice of Flo! And of Lady H. To a T!!

Please please please write more, have them made into audiobooks and read by Ms. Knowelden! I have nothing else to read or listen too that is of the same caliber!!

Review 2: Death Around the Bend audiobook by stefani

Well done you, T E Kinsey!

Fun murder mystery! I enjoyed this immensely! The narrator is fantastic! She carries the enthusiasm of the characters beautifully.

Review 3: Death Around the Bend audiobook by LilahV

I want to listen to another right away.

I am a big fan of the combination of this author and the narrator. I binge listen and an sad that there are no more for me to do gobble up. I so enjoy the the relationship between The Lady and her Maid. They are quite amusing. I am just sad that this is only the third of the books. I haven’t found another cozy mystery that is anything close. would love a recommendation if anybody has

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