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The Guardians is a classic legal thriller novel by acclaimed author John Grisham. In the small Florida town of Seabrook, a young lawyer was shot dead at his desk. Police suspected a black man, Quincy Miller, as a former customer. Quincy was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, he was tired of waiting and hoping to return his innocence. So who will help you get justice? We invite you to watch the next development of this beautiful story.

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Review 1: The Guardians A Novel audiobook by Wayne

Is Grisham getting serious about writing again?

I became a fan of John Grisham’s legal thrillers with the 1989 publication of A Time to Kill. He followed that with 10 more 5 star thrillers. Then he seemed to become satisfied to rest on his laurels for almost two decades of releasing mostly third rate literary garbage. Now as he enters his dotage the release of The Guardians indicates that maybe he is finally getting serious about writing good novels again. Grisham has lived and prospered for nearly two decades of inferior novels based on a reputation he earned during the first decade of his writing career. I hope he is back to being the author he was during the 1990s. Michael Beck’s narration is wonderful.

Review 2: The Guardians A Novel audiobook by Jean

Great Story

This is an “issues” novel about a disillusioned attorney, Cullen Post, who has become an Episcopal priest. Cullen now volunteers as an attorney for a non-profit Innocence project. They are attempting to free a prisoner who was wrongfully convicted.

The book is well written. The plot twists and turns and the characters are interesting. Grisham starts the suspense immediately and continues to build it throughout the story. The book was entertaining as well as informative. It is a quick easy read.

The book is eleven hours and fifty minutes. Michael Beck does a good job narrating the book. He is an actor and audiobook narrator. Beck has narrated a number of John Grisham’s books.

Review 3: The Guardians A Novel audiobook by LoverofClassic

Welcome back, Grisham!

This is the Grisham I remember – writing about well-fleshed out characters you love, characters you love to hate. It has a great story line about the value of a human life and social injustice (although the one black cop he writes about is the only kind, caring, and trustworthy police office, and all the bad cops are white – a little slanted, wouldn’t you say?). The main character is someone you’d love to know and call “friend”, although he seems to become a personal friend in this book. Michael Beck is an outlandishly good reader – how he keeps the multiple characters’ voices straight and their accents believable, I have no idea.

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