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The Island of Sea Women is a novel by author Lisa See. The book is about Hummingbird Lane’s tea girl and family secrets on a small Korean island. Mi-ja and Young-sook are two old girls living on Jeju Island of Korea, who are close friends from different backgrounds. They are given different jobs as divers, life is full of excitement and responsibility is also in their hands.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Island of Sea Women audiobook by syddie

The Narrator Ruins This Book.

The narrator reads this book like she’s dying for her last breath. She reads it so quickly, rushed, straight through, high-toned and without need for a breath. She has the mind to add dramatics to the characters, adding enough shake to the voice to denote an older person, sounding snarly for an obvious “bad” character, but it all just sounds like a straight script read-through, all rushed and careless. It had none of the presence and calm I expected for a book about the sea and the women who’ve lived in it. Listening to the narrator you feel yourself also holding your breath, rushed, almost panicked, and not at all at ease of listening to an otherwise good book. This book is not a great audible choice, not with this narrator. It’s better to just buy the book and read it.

Review 2: The Island of Sea Women audiobook by mary krause

Overly dramatic read

I love Lisa See\s stories and this one is no exception. However the read on this is too dramatic. It takes away from the story. The readers diction is great and she pronounces the Korean well but I really would like to hear this read with a softer style.

Review 3: The Island of Sea Women audiobook by John

I have been to Jejue

This book had a lot of meaning for me. First and foremost I visited the island of Jejue in August of 2018. I went to the museum which honors the Sea Women. I recognized many of the places mentioned in the story, even to the small island of Udo. Because of this familiarity the story held a lot of rich meanings. The narration of the female diver/gir/wife/grandmother hit several fine points which enhanced the story. The specifics of living under the rule of Japan, and then the rule of post war American Occupation, helped place many things into perspective. This was a way of life which is going, or is already, extinct. I thank the author for a wonderful book and the narrator for the heartfelt meanings of the spoken word.

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