Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Child’s Heart to the Beauty of Learning

Awaking Wonder : Opening Your Child’s Heart to the Beauty of Learning, Audiobook Online by Sally Clarkson.

As a parent, you want to send your child into the world with a healthy mind and a vibrant faith. You want to develop a strong foundation for them. But in our fast-paced, results-driven, technology-driven society, it’s easy to lose sight of each child’s innocence, potential, and uniqueness. Children’s astonishment can become lost in the mists of formulas that see children through the distorted lens of social expectations.

Awaken Wonder helps parents uncover the hidden potential of their child’s imagination, learning capacity, and authentic interaction with the world.

Bestselling author Sally Clarkson will help you reach your child’s amazed heart through the principles that guided her in raising four kids, all of whom have grown up with a living faith. intact and is now thriving in the creative, high-performing professions. Listen to this book to:

confident in your role as God-designed guides and teachers for your children
Help your children awaken the wonders around them
develop healthy minds that can go against social norms, provide children with a good education for life and love of learning

I have read many of Sally’s books over the years since I started my homeschooling journey. This is one of my favorites so far! I think this is a must read for anyone thinking about homeschooling. Thank you Sally!

I really found her story about how they raised their children in the faith and love of God. uses literature to inspire creativity and let each child grow and develop at their own pace and overcome what the mainstream considers a defect in one of her children. I appreciate her honesty when it comes to her struggles and pitfalls and overcoming them.


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