Bad Girl (Best Friend Romance) Complete Series, Audiobook Online

Bad Girl (Best Friend Romance) Complete Series, Audiobook Online By: Lucia Jordan.

Kaitlynn hasn’t thought about Ian in years, and now, he’s all she thinks about. Is she making a mistake? Most likely, but like a moth rushing into flames, she couldn’t help herself. But is Greg really her past? And Ian has some secrets of his own to reveal?

In high school, Kaitlynn Ross seemed to have the perfect life: captaining the cheerleading squad and dating full-back – Greg Larson. But underneath the shell of happiness lies a dark truth. Greg is abusive and manipulative, and pieces begin to tear Kaitlynn’s happiness apart.

After 15 years of painful marriage, Kaitlynn finally escaped. But she never expected to run into a man she hadn’t thought of in years. Eyes. Those damn black eyes tore her to the very core of her being. Ian James is Greg Larson’s best friend. He was also the man she had always secretly loved and missed. She was too scared to act that way.

This is a good quick listen and has a very good plot. It captured my attention from start to finish. Natalie Disaster did a great job with the narration. I received this free copy of the audiobook upon my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I love erotic books but my favorite are stories about hot sex between people who are in love even when it’s difficult. Most problems can be solved if there is still great s-e.x, respect and love.

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