Bared to You (Full Audiobook) A Crossfire Novel, Book 1 By Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day is a contemporary writer and have the ability to envision great situations in her fictional stories. Bared to You is a romantic fictional novel by the writer, where she has portrayed her characters in an extremely awe-inspiring manner.

The book is part 1 of her popular Crossfire series, which earned her great repute as a fictional writer. It should be noted that the book contains adult content in graphics and audio, so it should be referred accordingly. Jill Redfield has also impressed his fans by giving powerful narration of this novel.

The story is about Gideon Cross and his life experiences. He came into the life of her love interest, which changed her life altogether. He was dashing, adorable and a charming white-hot guy. It was natural for his lover or for any other women to get attracted towards him. Romantically, Gideon was highly addictive and irresistible.

This feeling was unstoppable for her, despite knowing that it would weaken her a lot. Being a damaged and a flawed personality, he went on to open up all those cracks in her with utmost ease, and that was something, which bothered her all her life. Gideon love transformed her life in every possible way.

Reflected in You is another book from the author and also from the Crossfire series. It will mesmerize you with some top of the line storytelling by the writer, which is equally backed with top quality narration as well. Similarly, another standalone novel by Sylvia Day is Butterfly in Frost, which is unique and refreshing right from the word go. It is also a contemporary romantic novel and you will find the content very different from the other novels, which she has done so far.

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