Best Audiobook 2020 – The Truths We Hold By Kamala Harris

The Truths We Hold is a biography written by Kamala Harris. She told some really fascinating truths and shared a long struggle in her own life and also about her country, the USA. Kamala Harris is the newly elected Vice President of USA and anything coming from her is something really special. Superheroes Are Everywhere is another good book rom Kamala that you should check out. The Truths We Told is also narrated by Kamala Harris. She truly justified herself in that role as well, while making it sound very pleasant for the audience.

The commitment of Kamala to speak the truth is always something informed by her own upbringing. She is a daughter of immigrants and was raised in Oakland, California. She was a community that deeply cared about having and ensuring social justice. One of her parents were an admired researcher of cancer from India and the other was an esteemed economist from Jamaica.

They both met as activists participating in the civil rights movement when they were studying for their graduation at Berkeley. Harris had the same passion all her life. When she took on the role of a prosecutor then she took no time in establishing herself as a notable change agent in the law enforcement of America. She rapidly progressed to become the elected Dist. Attorney of San Francisco. Today she is elected as the Vice President of the country.

Kamala Harris, the Vice-President elect of the USA has told here some inspiring information. It is strong enough to unite all countrymen of USA. She shared some struggling phases of her life that defines herself today. This book in short is all about truths and how it impacts the great country that we know as the USA today.

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