Best Audiobook 2020 – Three Women Disappear By James Patterson & Shan Serafin


Just as the name of this novel suggests, Three Women Disappear is a crime mystery thriller with a definite element of suspense in it as well. It is jointly written by James Patterson and Shan Serafin. They have a good repute when it comes to producing some amazing mystery thrillers. If we talk about James Paterson’s writing career then The Summer House and Deadly Cross are two of his best-written novels so far.

The narration of this novel is done by a team of narrators, which was led by Chloe Cannon. The other performers included were Susannah Jones, Christie Moreau. Joshua Kane, Aida Reluzco, and Molly Parker Myers. This diverse cast managed to give a high-octane performance with excellent tonal quality and expression.

The story in this novel is of three women who all had reasons of their own to hate a very rich stockbroker. All three of them vanished all of a sudden from thin air when the stockbroker was found dead. Is this disappearance because they were all guilty of murder? Or is the truth behind this killing is even more shocking?

The police declared the death of the stockbroker as a suicide. However, some suspicious facts started to surface up and those were all pointing those three disappeared women as guilty. Those three women were his housekeeper, his chef, and his ex-wife.

Were these women having any definite motive to kill the man?

The thrilling story of this novel is quite interesting and it will keep you guessing throughout. You might just finish this novel in one go as it is that tempting. You must give it a try to believe it and it wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

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