Best selling audiobook – Never Have I Ever A Novel By Joshilyn Jackson

Never Have I Ever is a novel by author Joshilyn Jackson. The story revolves around a woman Amy Whey prides herself on her ordinary life. Her simple hobby is teaching her neighbors how to scuba dive and bake cookies. She has a happy life with her husband. Her beautiful life is turned upside down when the mysterious and seductive Angelica Roux arrives in front of her house in the book club. So how will the group of women play harmless drinking and dark secrets appear in the fascinating story.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Never Have I Ever A Novel audiobook by Ed Stuteville

Another great read

I’ve been reading Joshilyn Jackson since Gods in Alabama. Her books always have a great side of southern hospitality and charm. Her characters are relatable and interesting.

Never Have I Ever is a different kind of novel from her others but the charm is still there. I was taken in by the first pages and couldn’t stop until the last page. Then I wished it was wasn’t over.

As a male reader, I highly recommend this book and all her books. They have strong women characters but the books are not just for women.

Review 2: Never Have I Ever A Novel audiobook by Kelly

Interesting but too Improbable

I’m not sure if I liked the book or not. I finished it and I was interested in what happens or to see it come to fruition. The circumstances and the timeline just didn’t match up. Great ideas for a story, but not laid out in sensible way. Things happened too quickly to care about. There were some good twist with those I wish had opportunity to spend more time on. A lot of throwaway characters and the diving information was interesting. I won’t give any spoilers but this was a very serious subject on many levels wrapped up a little too sweetly for severity of what had taken place.

Review 3: Never Have I Ever A Novel audiobook by J. Davis

Not her best. Implausible & reaching too hard.

Not her best work. Implausible and reached too hard for too many twists. The whole time I was saying “oh come on – No one would do this!!! and This would NEVER happen!!” She is one of my favorite authors; I buy her books without even reading what they’re about. I’ve read all of her books and given all 5 stars, but this one, I almost stopped listening to. JJ, if you read this, things need to be believable. This book was not. She would not have gone to prison. The whole Lottie thing was silly and the diving part of the story just seemed added because you wanted to learn how to dive and write it off as a business expense or something. It makes me sad to write this, and I hope you run your story lines by honest people who will tell you what they really think, in the future. (Yes I listened to the credits.)


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