Best Selling Audiobook – The Power Trip By Jackie Collins

The Power Trip is a literary fiction book by author Jackie Collins. Power Trip explores the decadent playgrounds of the super rich and leaves you hungry for more. From Hollywood and big sale Jackie Collins, The Power Trip is set in a luxurious modern yacht setting off the coast of Cabo San Lucas..

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Power Trip audiobook by RD

Cliché Characters… Overall a Decent Beach Listen

Predictable, brainless, beach listen… Characters are VERY cliché. Typical Jackie Collins money, power, fame, sex read. Has a definite 80’s vibe, ala Dynasty or Dallas.

If you are looking for something to listen to while doing chores or multi-tasking, this will do nicely… That’s why I bought it. Very well narrated, overall. Jackie Collins has a bit of a lisp, which I found a bit annoying, however not enough to take away from the story. All other actors did a fantastic job, especially considering reading so many characters.

JC left an opening for a sequel, but did wrap up this story to my satisfaction, so I wasn’t left waiting.

A solid 3 stars…4 stars if rated solely as a beach read.

Review 2: The Power Trip audiobook by Marjorie

Collins novels are always fun and predictable.

What did you love best about The Power Trip?

I always read Jackie Collins novels. She was the first novelist I read when I moved beyond young adult books. Her characters are always familiar and it is always an enjoyable and predictable trip. The best part about this book is that all the characters were new. Jackie Collins will sometimes move past characters into new books, and that is great at times, but it can become stale.

What did you like best about this story?

I like the ease of the story. It was easy to pick up and listen to, it is not great writing, more of a fun book.

Which character – as performed by the narrators – was your favorite?

I have never listened to any of Jackie Collins books on audible before. I was very excited when the narrator said that she would be voicing one of the characters. Ummmmmmm, Jackie Collins has an off putting voice. It did not make the story more fun. There was one other reader, a girl, who had a very stilted way of reading her character. Almost robotic. The rest of the cast was great. Overall it was an enjoyable book.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

That would be a lot of time with headphones. If I were driving in the car I would have listened straight though, but I can’t ever imagine have that much time another way.

Any additional comments?

Any reader who knows Jackie Collins know what to expect. A little bit Hollywood, some drama involving a bad guy, and people who fall in and out of love. She is a fun writer. Do not read her stuff if you are looking for anything more.

Review 3: The Power Trip audiobook by M.K. Clarke, InfoWars Babe

Classic, formulaic Jackie Collins, but I thought this just okay. Even with her spicier-than-usual telling of sex scenes and the twist ending–whooo-hoooo!–I wanted to like this more. Though, however, I found myself really getting into Flynn. Unlike with Lucky Santangelo, Collins fleshed him out in a short period of time rather than waiting a full series or a few books in we get to know him. She also, IMO, robbed us of the joy of having Sierra confront her jerk Senator husband; that would’ve made me stand up from the leisurely soak of a bubble bath and cheer! On the whole, the book felt rushed, a bit, as if it were in a hurry to get to the end; I mean, c’mon, how much can you write about on a luxury yacht for a week?

And the cultural references were a kick: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Beyonce and Tyra, Gaga and Rihanna were nice touches, but not overbearing. But she did rob MY joy of trying to guess which celebrity she was fictionalizing. I know, I know, it’s been done, but still … would’ve been nice to be led to wonder just the same? With the likes of the Kardashians and Real Housewives around? 🙂

I found Jeremy a whining ladyboy but a contradicting good-for-laughs-in-a-I’m-always-butthurt kind of way (aren’t any in the homosexual community having their radars always switched to ON for sots like him to tell to go jump in a lake?). Bianca just got on my nerves, and Alesandr was as unknowing to the reader as Collins made him out to be, which, for me and in my opinion, was not her usual writing style. Either she’s really growing as a formulaic writer, or breaking out of this method working for her to try a different route, but one she’s not scared to really louse up in. You can’t know you’ve done something wrong until someone points it out, and even then, it might not always be.

Anyways…it’s not my girl Lucky, but it’s a strong start. and if Flynn’s the male equivalent to the millennial version of Ms. Santangelo, she’s got a series character winner. Solid start to (I hope!) a fine series.

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