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Better Luck Next Time is a novel by author Kate Hilton.
The daughter of Lydia Hennessey who can have it all as long as they stop self-destructing. Mariana, the eldest, is on the verge of throwing away her illustrious reputation in journalism, along with her marriage. Nina, the middle daughter, has returned from a medical mission abroad as a changed woman but will not discuss it with anyone.

And Beata, the youngest, has a hostile teenage son who has just discovered the existence of a father who also doesn’t know about him. Meanwhile, their cousin Zoe is making the divorce like a death match, while her brother, Zack, is grappling with the fallout from his hit TV series, which relied too heavily on Lydia herself.

It may be easier to find their way if they can step out of Lydia’s shadow — but the biggest women’s march in history is underway, and Lydia and her family are at the center. its.

The Hennessey children face the major struggles of midlife: aging parents, passionate teenagers, broken marriages and bodies, new love and the choice between playing it safe or take life-changing risks.

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