Beware the Poltergeist Audiobook By Tommy Krappweis

Beware the Poltergeist is a fictional novel. It is written for children especially but it would appeal to the adult audience as well. Rather, it could be a good read for the whole family on the weekends or when they are holidaying, or maybe during travel as well. The book is chapter two of the Ghostsitter novel series. After a superb opening of the first chapter, the hopes of the audience were quite high with the second chapter. They loved it just like the first installment. This is all thanks to the brilliant writing done by Tommy Krappweis. He has a few other quality novels for the children as well. If you want to enjoy more from the author then A Crazy Heritance and Ghostsitter 8 are the ones for you.

As expected from a Tommy Krappweis audiobook, the narration is done by a diverse team of performers. It was led beautifully by James Fouhey. It was a complete performance by all means and you will surely have a good time listening to them.

The life of Tommy changed quite significantly right since the time he inherited the Ghost Train. It was a train full of living dead creatures. Just as the fairground got hit with some weird earthquakes, the ghost girl Mimi turned pale. Vlad who is a vampire has got some solid reasons to believe that poltergeists are haunting the old square of the town. Therefore, Tom along with his undead friends have to set off for ghost hunting, in a secret way.

The story of this novel is very funny and it was very beautifully written by Tommy Krappweis. You will like that in the short story form that it is. On top of that, the vocal performance by all the performers was nothing short of exceptional.

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