Blood Communion | The Vampire Chronicles Book 13

Blood Communion is the 13th book in The Vampire Chronicles series by famous author Anne Rice. The content of this novel is about Lestat, a rebel living out of the law. How did he become a vampire prince, the formation of the Blood Clan, his relationship with the children of outer space?

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Blood Communion audiobook by Chris

change the narrator!!

I’ve been listening to Anne Rice’s stories about Prince Lestat for years and his character has a specific sound and dialect. He’s from France and lived in New Orleans. The narrator did a terrible job of staying true to the character. I want my money back so I can purchase the hard copy book.

Review 2: Blood Communion audiobook by Robert

Eric Quinn should never narrate a Lestat novel

Simon Vance has narrated the previous Lestat novels. why the change? The quality of the narration is awful. I love the Chronicles but I stopped listening to this one because it was SO SO bad. They should cut their losses and have Simon Vance re-narrate this in order to maintain The Vampire Chronicles journey appropriately.
Please bring Simon Vance BACK

Review 3: Blood Communion audiobook by james smith

Is this a joke? Kween of the Damn!

Look I’m gayer than Christmas, and can appreciate a campy performance, but not with my Vampire Chronicles. A couple of years ago my friend gifted me an audible book called Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt by Chuck Tingle and as soon as I started Blood Communion I thought it was the same narrator! Im ultimately I’m disappointed Simon Vance did not return to continue the Prince Lestat era. I’ve tried to keep an open mind but I’m going to have to go pick this up in stores and just read the book. No more Eric Shaw Quinn!!!!!

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