Blood from a Stone – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 14

Blood from a Stone is a horror and mystery novel in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. Synopsis: On a cold Venetian night, before Christmas, a street vendor is killed in a scuffle at Campo San Stefano. Tourists have come across the man’s stuff which is a fake handbag of every brand name.

Signorina Elettra thinks they might as well live on another planet, so the Venetians know very little about their lives. They appear to show off their sheets and pop out of the space capsule, then disappear again.

Brunetti is warned by his boss, Patta, not to delve too deeply into a case where nothing is certain. Brunetti argues that whoever is behind the order must be very powerful: “The candidates are clearly of the governmental, ecclesiastical and criminal categories, They are equal as candidates. The cases of Brunetti often ends with a breakdown of the structural paradoxes of the Italian judicial system, commentaries on Italian supremacy in general.

The dead man was working as a dancer, one of many African immigrants cleaning merchandise outside of normal store hours and without a work permit. Why would someone kill an illegal immigrant? As Brunetti begins to investigate the Venetian underworld, he discovers major problems are at stake. How far will Brunetti be able to infiltrate the culture of the illegal community in Venice?

The story revolves around the execution-style murder of counterfeit African handbags, who display their wares on bedspreads in Venice after the store closes. Immigrants are mainly from Senegal so the problem is somewhat different from the migration crisis in Europe.
The plot is gone and nothing happens for too long. Brunetti’s family, his wife and daughter, join them to lecture on the plight of African immigrants trying to make a living selling sleazy handbags to the wealthy , tourists in a prosperous European country. Things like buying cut flowers are sometimes touched. Immigrants, living in squalid accommodation, are sympathetically handled by both the author and her fictional police officers.

The plot finally kicks in and sets the pace, Brunetti feels helpless in the face of the injustices of life in general and the Machiavellian Italian justice system.
The pleasure of reading the Brunetti series and the reflections of Commissario Brunetti and his family on the problem situation in Italy and human nature in general.
Paola explodes when their daughter makes disparaging remarks about the victim prompting everyone to quickly examine his attitude towards migrants. How counterfeiters affect the livelihoods of existing store owners.
This is the most complex and nuanced book to date. Brunetti deals with issues that extend beyond Venice and Italy, and affect his friends, family, and colleagues. He considers his attitude the legitimacy of his approach to law enforcement and his tolerance of his subordinates.
This is a prime example of political and commercial forces beyond the ability to control or influence police commissioners.
Brunetti is asked to leave the case and trust that his superiors know what they are doing. He is working hard to find out who the murderer is, setting up a fake raid to kill the people they want to kill. All nations have shown that Justice and fair play are often carried away and overwhelmed by greed and prejudice.

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