Blood Work – Terry McCaleb Book 1

Blood Work is the first horror and suspense novel in the Terry McCaleb series by author Michael Connelly. When Graciella Rivers stepped onto his boat, former FBI agent Terrell McCaleb had no idea he was about to retire. He needed time to rest after the heart transplant. Graciella tells him her sister Gloria was brutally murdered, and Terry realizes he has no choice but to investigate this case in secret.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Blood Work – Terry McCaleb Book 1 by Andrew Stone

A Darn Good Book

After reading the publisher’s summary, I was concerned that the book might be uninteresting or a bit slow. Fortunately, I did not pass this book up!

Blood Work is very engrossing story that kept my interest throughout. In the end, I liked this book enough to write a positive review.

Before writing this review, I checked out and found that there are (at the time of this writing) 188 reviews. Most all the reviewer praised this book. Additionally, I discovered that Blood Work was turned into a movie that is acted and directed by Clint Eastwood. At the end of the book, the author Michael Connelly, acknowledges all those who significantly helped him write this book. Interest that Connelly mentions that the actor Clint Eastwood was an initial reviewer of the manuscript.

Overall, every book that I have read by Michael Connelly, I have liked very much, and I can highly recommend all that I have read…

The Narrator Dick Hill is one of my favorite readers. His voice really fits my idea of the main character, FBI agent McCaleb. I never imagined a persona like Clint Eastwood stereotype when hearing Dick Hills voice.

In this reading, Dick Hill also does an amazing Hispanic accent. I am always amazed by the range of characters Dick can sound like! Check out other books narrated by Dick Hill, by clicking on the NARRATOR hyper-link “Dick Hill”.

The last book I read, prior to this book, narrated by Dick Hill was Tripwire written by Lee Child (also an excellent author and narrator combination).

If you like FBI characters, I highly recommend books with the character Pendergast (a FBI agent, independently wealthy, and not a stereotype FBI character) written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and books by Nelson DeMille. I suggest that you start with The Cabinet of Curiosities and The Lion’;s Game (by the aforementioned authors respectively).

Review 2: Blood Work – Terry McCaleb Book 1 by Book and Movie Lover

Blood work kept my blood rushing

What a thriller! Although it starts off slowly and takes several hours of listening to really grip you, once you are sucked into the story you will find that you can’t put it down and must find out what happens next. Nothing is typical about this mystery and several surprises are in store. I found myself guessing (wrongly) who the killer was and was pleasantly surprised with the way the plot wove together. Great story. I was glad to have known nothing about the story beforehand so I’m purposely not writing anything about the story in this review other than to say if you enjoy a good thriller you will likely enjoy this one. It’s not highly graphic and not the kind that makes you afraid of every bump you hear. Just a good, enjoyable thriller with unexpected plot twists and turns. Enjoy!

Review 3: Blood Work – Terry McCaleb Book 1 by Tricia

Can’t go wrong with Connelly

This book takes you on an emotional and suspenseful rollercoaster. Just when you think you have things figured out you’re thrown through a loop. I have read all of Connelly’s books on all his character series and Bloodwork is one of my favorites. You have an ex-FBI agent conducting his own investigation by his own rules and a genuinely original reason for doing so (don’ty want to spoil it for those who haven’t heard it yet).

In addition, Dick Hill is one of my favorite narrators because of the range of characters he can pull off…. women, hispanic, russian. I wish he narrated all of Connelly’s books. You will not be disappointed in any way with Blood Work!

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