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Burn for Me is a romance fantasy novel. It is the opening volume of the Hidden Legacy (Andrews) novel series. The book is written by Ilona Andrews. The authors’ duo behind the pen name writes romantic fiction and urban fantasy together. The most memorable book from the duo is Magic Bites. Another equally good novel from the author is Blood Heir.

The narration of this novel is done by Renee Raudman. It was not the kind of performance that you would like to remember as the narrator struggled with pace and quality of tone.

Nevada Baylor is up against the most challenging case ever in his career as a detective. It was a suicide mission for having a suspect in sort of a volatile situation. Nevada was not sure that she has got the chops. Her quarry is a Prime which is regarded as the highest rank for any magic-user. He is the one who could set anything or anyone on fire.

Then one day, she gets abducted by Connor Rogan. He was a dark tempting sort of billionaire who had equally destructive powers as well. He was torn right between the urge to run and to surrender to the overwhelming attraction from the other side. Nevada should look to join the forces along with Rogan in order to stay alive. Rogan was chasing the same target so be required to have Nevada. But, she is getting right under his skin now which makes him think about someone else just for a change.

In the audiobook, the experience of listeners might have been better with a different narrator or a better performance. Unfortunately, Renee Raudman struggled big-time narrating this audiobook.

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