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Burning the Books is a history book by author Richard Ovenden.

Burning the Books is also a very human story animated by a cast of explorers, self-taught archaeologists, poets, and freedom fighters.

Opening with the notorious flares of ‘non-German’ and Jewish literature in 1933 that gave such a clear signal of Nazi intentions, Burning the Books takes us into the fray. 3,000-year journey through the destruction of knowledge and the battle against all odds to preserve it.

Richard Ovenden, director of the world-renowned Bodleian Library, explains how attacks on libraries and archives have been a feature of history since ancient times but have increased in frequency and intensity over time. modern period. Libraries are more than a repository of documents, by keeping legal documents such as the Magna Carta and civil rights records, they also support the rule of law and the rights of citizens. Today, the knowledge they hold in the name of society is under attack like never before.

  • Burning the Books

  • A History of Knowledge Under Attack
  • By: Richard Ovenden

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