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Burning Water is a mystery novel in the Diana Tregarde Investigation Series by Mercedes Lackey.
Dallas Police Detective Mark Valdez is more than just a cop. He is a psychic who knows that the cattle mutilations and the torture murders he is investigating are somehow connected.

Luckily, Mark has one key card: an attractive young romance novelist but a practicing wizard. And not just any witch – Diana Tregarde is a Guardian, tasked with protecting the Earth and all its creatures.

Using modern science and ancient magic, Diana and Mark discover that they are no ordinary serial killers but awakened avatars of an Aztec god. Tezcatlipoca and his four beautiful maids are preparing for a great sacrifice that will turn North America into a new Aztec kingdom.

  • Burning Water

  • Diana Tregarde Investigation Series, Book 1
  • By: Mercedes Lackey

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