Buy a Bullet

Buy a Bullet is a fictional book in the Orphan X (Evan Smoak) series by author Gregg Hurwitz. The content is about a secret character Nowhere Man, known as a legend. Prior to that, Evan Smoak was a well-trained government operative known as Orphan X. A young girl working at a cafe was controlled by a powerful man and threatened her life. Only Nowhere Man can help her out of this deadlocked life.

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Review 1: Buy a Bullet audiobook by shelley

Would Love to know someone like this!!

This could have been the first chapter in a book about Evan Smoak’s past. Excellent first short story about his first mission on his own. I usually don’t like purchasing short stories but have been looking forward to the next book in this series and wanted something to hold me over.
Gregg Hurwitz is such a talented author and I am so glad that he has decided to create a series.
Scott Brick does an excellent job narrating as always.
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Review 2: Buy a Bullet audiobook by Joshua

Doesn’t Add Much to the Series

This is a very short story attempting to recount the first mission of the series protagonist. It is essentially just the facts of what happened, avoiding going deep into the motivations behind it. As a result, the story feels just a bit too impersonal, and honestly might have been better left off as an anecdote inside one of the novels. It doesn’t really add that much to the whole series is the home and feels mostly like filler.

Review 3: Buy a Bullet audiobook by Wayne

My third short story of today

I’m not a fan of very short stories of less than 2 hours in length, but after listening to the 38 minute Buy a Bullet by Gregg Hurwitz and the 27 minute Second Thoughts by Steven James, both today, I may change my mind. Both stories are wonderful (the third short story today is the 84 minute The 4th Man by Lisa Gardner which is excellent, but not as good as the others.)

Before Orphan X I was not a big fan of Gregg Hurwitz. His earlier novels are very good, but I listened as much to hear Scott Brick’s narrations as for the content. The beginning of the Orphan X/Evan Smoak series changed that. Buy a Bullet will tide me over until the release of Nowhere Man in two weeks.


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