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Carnal Sanctuary: Savannah’s Awakening Part II is the second book in the Carnal Sanctuary series by author Ellie Sandoval.
In Part II of Savannah’s Awakening, the romance between Savannah and handsome billionaire Roman flourishes after a strange encounter in a hedge maze. Even as Savannah lusts after the Roman mount, Savannah finds herself equally attracted to the petite nurse Candice and constantly agitated by the supernatural Roman servants. Can Savannah control her libido long enough to perfect her relationship with the immortal Romans and discover why Lilit’s gothic daughters hunt her down?

Do you like traveling, vampires, vampires, werewolves and the occult mixed with your sex and romance? What about BDSM and first time lesbian scenes?

  • Carnal Sanctuary: Savannah’s Awakening Part II

  • An Erotic Paranormal Romance
  • By: Ellie Sandoval

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