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Cat o’ Nine Tales is a science fiction book by author Faith Hunter.
The content follows 13 stories about Jane Yellowrock, a shapeshifting hiker and vampire hunter for hire whose business card reads “Have Stakes – Will Travel”. Jane carries within her the spirit of her Beast, the spirit of the mountain lion that merged with her when she accidentally performed magic as a child. Now, she and her Beast stalk the dark streets of New Orleans, bringing real death to the rogue vampires.

In Cat o’ Nine Tales, you’ll discover how Jane turns into a big cat for the first time; how she and Molly became friends; How Rick LaFleur got the tattoos. You’ll join some of Jane’s original vampire hunts. You’ll even hear two short stories through Bruiser’s eyes.

Once you experience these stories set in the fantastical world of this New York Times bestselling series, you’ll no doubt agree with Kim Harrison that Jane Yellowrock is “smart, sexy, and ravishing.” ring”.

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