Chainfire – Sword of Truth Book 9

Chainfire is the ninth science fiction book in the Sword of Truth series by author Terry Goodkind. Terry Goodkind amazed audiences around the world with his storytelling With the Wizard’s First Rule and subsequent seven masterpieces. In Chainfire, Goodkind returns with a novel by Richard and Kahlan, the beginning of a series of three novels that will bring their epic story to a climax.

After being severely wounded in battle, Richard wakes up to discover Kahlan is missing. To his skepticism, no one remembered the woman he was looking for day and night. Worse still, no one believes that she really exists, or that he was ever married. Alone like never before, he must find the woman he loves more than life itself…. hope she is still alive. Will faith and hope bring him to find the girl he fell in love with?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- In the first part of the book, Richard gets hurt and when he asks Cara and Nicci about Khalan, they don’t know who Khalan is. This whole book revolves around him trying to find Khalan and prove she’s real. Cara tries to trap Nicci and Richard even though she will kill anyone who tries to get in between them. In this book or the next book is something like because you no longer remember anything about Khalan how she affects you nor, I think it is an important concept.

02- The book written by Terry Goodkind is amazing. From the Wizard’s First Rule to Confession, the story is a mirror reflection of the world in which we live, the Dictators rising to seek power over humans. Wars for control of land, money and people and the darkest days are lit only by the honesty, bravery and love of those who do not succumb to tyranny.
Richard and Kahlan, Zed and Addie, and all the others who follow Richard, love truth and freedom, are characters who fight to the end with honesty. With trust and drive to do what’s right for everyone.

03- This book comes to Richard still with no clue how to use the full potential of his gift. He was again separated from the confessor. Certain parts of this book are repetitive with Richard trying to convince everyone around him that he’s not crazy. Now you would think that they would take his word as gospel because he is a seeker and he is never wrong. Will we get to see him fight like a real war wizard? Now he can’t even use a bit of his gift’s power because a strange creature will attack him if he does. How about one of his books causing havoc and destruction on royal orders? The story is fascinating but there are too many lectures and debates. The plot gets you hooked but be prepared to read a lot of back-and-forth dialogue.

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