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Chasing the Light is about How I Found My Way into Hollywood by author Oliver Stone.
The book’s climax is the incredibly vivid rendition of filming Platoon deep in the Philippine jungle with Kevin Dillon, Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp et al, motivating themselves, the crew, and the cast. young actors almost crossed the threshold.

In Chasing the Light, he writes about his rare childhood in New York, volunteering in combat and his struggles and victories making films like Platoon, Midnight Express, and Scarface.

Prior to the international success of Platoon in 1986, Oliver Stone had been injured as an infantryman in Vietnam and spent years writing ineffective scripts while doing miscellaneous jobs and driving taxis in New York, finally ventured west to Los Angeles and a new life.

  • Chasing the Light

  • How I Fought My Way into Hollywood
  • By: Oliver Stone

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