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Chopping Spree is a literary fiction book in the Goldy Bear Culinary series by author Diane Mott Davidson.
For Goldy Schulz, a food service provider in Colorado, business not only boomed, it skyrocketed. But as her friend Marla repeatedly warns her, “Success can kill you.” Goldy knows she needs to slow down before she fails, and she swears she’ll do it – right after her next reservation: a cocktail party for Westside Mall’s Elite Shoppers’ Club . The event of the shopping season: the Princess Without a Pricetag party for wealthy shopaholics who drop at least a thousand dollars a week at the mall. Goldy has been hired by charming mall manager Barry Dean to help with the jewel-encrusting case.

But she barely begins the setup when she finds herself in the path of a truck with no intention of stopping until both she and Barry are crushed beneath it. Fat, bruised, embarrassed but still determined to do her job, Goldy manages to get the party started on time with the help of her trusted assistants Julian Teller and Liz Fury. Hours later, Julian is the prime suspect in the murder. To prove Julian’s innocence, Goldy must catch the real killer. But to do that, she will have to figure out why the victim is carrying a powerful drug.
Between using Swedish Meatballs, Sweethearts’ Quiche Me Quick and Diamond Lovers’ Hot Crab Dip, and finding clues, Goldy knew this would be a difficult case to deal with. And gourmet instincts tell her that the final course will be a real killer.

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