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City of Masks is the first book in the Stravaganza series by author Mary Hoffman.
Set in a parallel world, in an Italy called Talia in this world and in Venice which this world calls Bellezza. The story is about Lucien, who in this world has cancer.
Given a marble notebook to help him communicate when his throat is too sore to speak, the notebook is the vehicle that transports Lucien into this new world of magic and danger.

This is a world set in C16, and thrills with the excitement of political intrigue, including assassination plots that both fail and succeed.
The parallel Venice is amazingly evocative, with its fine silks and velvets, the sensuality of its food and the opulence of the city and its waterways, all beautifully depicted. beautiful and strong. Talia’s world is truly unforgettable and convincing.

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