Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street/ The Baby-Sitters Club, Book 49 – Audiobook Online

Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street is the 49th book in The Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin.
In this book, Claudia feels dumbfounded as she sits in front of Rosie Wilder, the genius of Elm Street.

Claud started out doing badly at school, and now she has to sit in a seat for a 7-year-old: tap dancing, playing piano, acting, playing the violin, being a spelling bee champion, winning the competition. the international crossword competition, is in the commercials, and on top of that, she’s snobby and rude! Talk about poor Claudia! But in the end, Claudia realizes that Rosie is only acting this way because she doesn’t want to do anything but a few activities, but her parents want her to be a star. In the end, Rosie talked to her parents and everything went well.

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