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Collared is the 16th novel in the An Andy Carpenter Novel series by author David Rosenfelt.
Attorney Andy Carpenter’s real passion is the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization he runs with his friend Willie Miller. All types of dogs make their way to the foundation, and it’s not surprising one morning to find an abandoned dog at the shelter, even though it was accompanied by a mysterious anonymous note. But they were quite surprised when they scanned the dog’s embedded chip and discovered that they knew the breed. He is the “DNA dog”.

Two and a half years ago, Jill Hickman was a single mother of an adopted child. Her baby and dog were abducted in broad daylight in Eastside Park, and they have not been seen since. One trick given in the ID was that Hickman’s ex-boyfriend, Keith Wachtel, was the kidnapper. A search of his home showed no sign of the child but found further incriminating evidence, and the clincher that caused Wachtel’s arrest was some dog hair, notably because Wachtel doesn’t keep dogs. DNA test results showed that the coat belonged to Hickman’s dog. Wachtel was convicted of kidnapping, but the dog and baby were never found.

The dog reappears, the case comes to light, and the search for the child is renewed. Convinced by his wife’s desire to help a fellow friend and mother and Andy’s desire to make sure that the kidnapper is indeed in prison, Andy and his team jump in. But what they begin to discover is far more complicated and dangerous than they ever expected.

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