Colonel Roosevelt Full Audiobook Theodore Roosevelt Book 3 By Edmund Morris

Edmund Morris deep love with the character, personality and charm of Theodore Roosevelt continues in this 3rd and final chapter of the Theodore Roosevelt trilogy. He has encapsulated the greatness and political abilities of the former president in a very interesting manner. Little did most of us knew that great man, before Edmund Morris has introduced with all his great research on one of the greatest personality from the American political history. Mark Deakins just like the first chapter has made this book even more interesting with his powerful voice given for the narration.

If Theodore Roosevelt had won his historic and significant “Bull Moose” movement in 1912, he might have avoided the World War I, which actually started in 1914. If he hasn’t died at the young age of 60 in the year 1919, he would have been reelected without any doubt as the third time President of United States. He would have definitely converted his dreams of converting United States into a model democracy, socially just and with strong military power much earlier.

The biography of Theodore Roosevelt helped Edmund Morris to win the highly prestigious National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize as well. You will find this concluding chapter of the trilogy even more adventurous than the prior two books. There is lots of humor, drama and tragedy.

Sometimes it seems that nobody knows Theodore Roosevelt better than Edmund Morris. This can be safely stated considering the amount of work he has done on the life and history of Theodore Roosevelt. If you want to get a good insight into the life of one of the most popular former president of the United States, then you should checkout his books: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex.

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