Confessor – Sword of Truth Book 11

Confessor is the 11th book in the Sword of Truth series by author Terry Goodkind. This famous author’s best-selling epic book. Those who are in darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, who are still free to prevent the coming dawn of the barbarian world. Richard had to deal with guilt knowing he had to let it happen. He alone had to bear the guilt that he did not dare to confess to the person he loved… and lost.
Richard and Kahlan in the novel concludes one of the most memorable journeys compared to other novels. When the next sunrise, the world will change forever.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The story involves A hero and heroine, love romance, adventure, magic. Great battles and insight into good and evil. You will draw from this fascinating book Lose yourself on a remarkable journey. Smile because you made a great choice in choosing this series to read. Good Terry has done a great job here. His writing is detailed, concise, and descriptive.

02- Goodkind or the Character Richard – tends to be pro-war, bringing messages home wherever he goes. The magic plots were as interesting as usual, I managed to read a few more books, despite the fact that I was tired of the constant dialogue. The dialogue that the scenes and the narration themselves have become superfluous with abhorrent violence. The book did a good job of connecting all the different elements that made up the life and characters in the series. The historical scope of the series is extremely broad and consistent.

03- What I really enjoyed in this book was how the character of Richard continued to become intelligent. The scenes related to the game JaLa, and the way that Richard manipulates the entire crowd is simply amazing. A fitting ending to the series, one in which Goodkind atoned for all he’s given to readers who have been loyal to him in the long run.

04- “Confessor” makes a lot of interesting things happen, resulting in a completely heartless storyline. Richard has been captured by his enemies who don’t know him as Richard Rahl must win a sports competition for ultimate survival. To entertain the Imperial Order and their leader Jagang. Not only did Richard Rahl win every contest with ease, but he also managed to start a revolution in the Order’s own camp.

05- The book should point to the heavy involvement of the Confessor, Kahlan. She doesn’t even play any significant role in the story. Her role is so passive that longtime readers of the series will wonder what happened to her position. In the story because she does almost nothing to make the story stand out.
The absolute worst was that Richard escaped, rejoining his people inside his capital city, capturing the leader of the Imperial Order. He opened himself to the power of God. Orden which he used to pass judgment on the Imperial Order by banishing them all to a whole new world of their own. The entire chain violates every principle that Goodkind establishes in its chain.
Is this the worst part of the series? We invite you to watch the next development of this fascinating novel.

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