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Conspiracy Game is the fourth book in the A GhostWalker Novel series by famous author Christine Feehan. GhostWalker Jack Norton and passionate artist Briony are soul mates, they fight the corrupt scientist’s evil plot. This is a book with a combination of gripping suspense and mystical plot that will be loved and best-selling around the world.

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Review 1: Conspiracy Game audiobook by karen

Supper Good !!

Any additional comments?

Conspiracy Game is the 4th book in the GhostWalker series and although it can be read as a stand alone story in terms of Jack and Briony as a couple I would strongly recommend reading the story in order to get the full enjoyment of the back story of the GhostWalkers. This is a series that I’m really enjoying and I’d highly recommend it to all fans of supernatural romance.

Although I’ve loved all of the GhostWalker heroes Jack quickly became my favorite – he is one sexy alpha male! He is a man who keeps himself to himself, someone that even the other GhostWalkers are wary of and the only person he is close to is his twin Ken. There is a darkness inside him because of things he saw and did in his past but he is also has a soft centre and is very caring. He is frightened of his feelings for Briony and doesn’t feel that he is good enough for her but when she turns to him for help he will do anything to protect her and keep her safe.

Briony is the perfect heroine for him – she has grown up with 4 protective brothers and knows how to deal with a domineering alpha male. While she lets him get away with a lot she is definitely able to stand up for herself when she needs to. I really enjoyed the chemistry between her & Jack and also loved watching them both with Ken – I can’t wait to read his story which is the next book in the series! The ongoing story with the GhostWalkers and the evil genius Dr Whitney is getting really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out in the rest of the series. It is quite clear that Dr Whitney has been doing some major plotting and I’m not sure what the consequences will be for Lily and the others.

Review 2: Conspiracy Game audiobook by Teresa


If you are reading this book you must already have read the previous three and know they are good. This is a little of a spin off from the games because it has new characters but excellent all the same. My favorite so far is Night Games and Predatory Games.

Review 3: Conspiracy Game audiobook by Jennie

Excellent Read from Christine Feehan!

You can’t help but enjoy all of the “Game” books by Christine Feehan. Good read for something different in the paranormal, military romance area.

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