Crossroads of Twilight (Full Audiobook) Book Ten of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Robert Jordon’s epic reaches its tenth part but still, none has been able to control his or her faith. Each of the characters reaches its destiny for which it is chosen but in order to reach the destiny there is always a price to pay.

The daughter of the Nine Moons has been taken away from the scene and some think that she has been kidnapped. Mat Cauthon has taken the Daughter of the Nine Moons with her as he is bound to marry her no matter what the circumstances are. It’s once again not true love that forces Mat to take the threatening path, he wants to save the girl from the Shadow that wants to hunt her down. Moreover the people of the Seanchan Empire are after her for their own goals and most important of all Mat’s own life is attached to her.

This part once again is loaded with so many characters thing that we don’t see after the fifth book. In the parts like Knife of Dreams and Towers of Midnight we only see two are three main characters around which the whole story revolves. In this part however we see different people struggling to find their true purpose, people like Perrin Aybara who finally signs a deed with the devil against his friends.

Treachery from Perrin was the last thing Rand could have thought of as they have been friend for quite a while. Perrin does all this in order to free his wife from the prisons of hell. Rand has cleansed the Dark One but the people have now started hating him thus its pain for each and every one. The description through narration is accurate like always as Kate Reading and Michael Kramer provide a much mature pitch each time they appear on the scene.


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