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Dandelion Wine is a literary fiction book about a wonderful summer in a small town. This is a deeply personal literary work of Mr. Ray Bradbury. The content is about 12-year-old Douglas Spaulding getting to know the vast and deep Green Town that lies beyond the city he knows. The summer he discovers is not only rituals but also mystical powers..

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Dandelion Wine audiobook by Christopher

Does not translate well into an audible book

This book is one of those few novels that just don’t translate well into an audible book. While I thought Stephen Hoye sounded good, and I thought the writing was exceptional, this book just did not work in audio format. I think the problem is that, in this novel, Ray Bradbury writing emphasizes extremely rich imagery…so rich and complex that hearing the words are just not adequate to catch it. Let me try to explain what I mean…when one reads the printed word, the content “sticks” better than when one “hears a speech”. I struggled through the first couple of hours of this audio book, eventually I realized that I was just not engaged with the story…then i realized that there really was not much of a story here. This book is written as an “ode to summer and childhood”, it main purpose of this book is to try to convey the memories and feelings that R.B. felt towards his childhood summers. As much of the content is “stream of consciousness” of a young boy imagining things, remembering things, and trying to describe things (as a young boy would describe them if they had a master’s degree in English Lit). The rest of the content is “3rd person stream of consciousness” of an old man trying to describe their memories as a child. The result is simply too complex for someone to grasp and imagine simply from hearing the words…I think you have to actually read the words yourself to understand and get into this story. SO I gave this book 3 stars for performance and story, but a one overall because I felt that while either element was fine (even excellent) the overall effect of this audiobook fell flat due to this being the wrong medium to enjoy this novel.

Review 2: Dandelion Wine audiobook by Kathy

Taste of Summer.

I listened to this book, because both of my kids read each summer. Bradbury does a great job of capturing the feeling of summer. People of all ages can relate to the smell of cut grass, the taste of ice-cream on a hot day, catching fireflies, picking berries, and all the other typical events of summer. The vivid images in the book brought me close to the enjoyable summer days of my childhood. Dandelion Wine touches on some important aspects of life such as growing up and the reality of death. It was a good book, but at some parts it was difficult to remain interested. It would have been better if there was a little more organization and flow to the book. It was all over the place which at times made it hard to follow.

Review 3: Dandelion Wine audiobook by C. A. T.

The Summer of 28′

The magic and dark tragedy in the summer of 1928 seen through the eyes of Bradbury’s alter-ego Douglas Spaulding. The audio performance is excellent. The story was nostalgic like somewhere in time, but rather a love story about growing up and the love of life as it passes you by. It’s a good story but not really my cup of tea.

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