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Dark, Salt, Clear is about Life in a Cornish Fishing Town by Lamorna Ash.
The story is about life in the Cornish town of Newlyn, the largest working fishing port in England.

It was Cornwall Lamorna Ash as a child – the idyllic, folklore-rich place she spent her summer vacation. She discovered that as she felt increasingly disorderly in London, she moved to Newlyn, a fishing town near Land’s End. This Cornwall is harder; Not a place that welcomes strangers.

Lamorna finds herself on a weeklong fishing trip with a group of local fishermen, their warmth and humour. Out on the water, miles from the shore, she learns how fishing requires you to confront who you are and what ties you to land. But she realizes that this proud and compassionate community, sustained and defined by the sea for centuries, is living in the ever-longering shadow of globalization.

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